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Custom design

Our custom designed and made baby change table.

Special delivery! This time for a special little baby boy.  

Sometimes our clients want something special, and unlike anything they have been able to find.  So we design it and custom make them. Unique and completely customised to each Client.  This special piece is a baby change table.  It looks like it could be furniture for anywhere in the home, however it has all the little compartments in the drawers that any Mum and Bub would need.  This baby change table was lovingly made by an exceptional joiner (family friend) in Australia, using only the best materials.  The stain was custom made and tested by our director and every step in the process was inspected in person. 

In a boutique architectural firm, we take great pride in all our designs, we monitor every step of the process to ensure the design and delivery are beautiful stress free and seamless. 

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